Movie Revolver – EGO

The greatest con that [the ego] ever pulled was making you believe that he is you.

Guy Ritchie was, during the time of conceiving and executing the film, interested in Kabbalah. The film itself is laced with references to Kabbalistic ideas, symbols and numerological references.
The movie talks about ego and by doing so gives us cognition that we are approval junkies i.e we are addicted to seeking the approval of others. It says we are approval junkies primarily because we feel good when we are recognized as special. We think it is good to be recognized as special because it means we have achieved something. It is of course good to achieve things because as long as we keep achieving things we keep moving towards a better life.

This is not a very bad thing at a certain stage of one’s life because it is related to the rule of “self-preservation”. The rule of self-preservation as I understand it tells us to be selfish and protect our own interests in order to protect ourselves. As long as we do this however we keep seeking for other people’s approval. As we become more cognizant of the reality around us we notice that different people approve of different things and so we have to choose what it is that is worth getting approval for.

The mind should not define us; [it should be used as] a tool that it is. Not doing so creates an unhealthy ego that has [malevolent] control over us. If we take charge of our mind or ego we take charge of our reward system. Our current reward system may in some ways be harmful to us [thus creating the pain and misery in our lives resulting from our own actions].