Doug Garrison – motorsports artworks

Doug Garrison’s portraits are atypical in the fact that they aren’t the usual photo-reality portraits many artists strive for.

Instead the subject’s personality takes a higher level of importance than their physical likeness. Although, that’s not to say Doug’s portraits don’t look like the subject… they do… but he strives to capture more than just the likeness. That’s what makes each of Doug’s portraits special and unique.

Starting with an original photographic image, Doug utilizes a combination of abstract watercolors and digital brush work — artfully manipulating the image until his creative goals are reached. His pieces truly look like nothing else.

The end result is then printed on high-quality, museum-grade watercolor paper, using archival inks that remain true and sharp for many lifetimes.

Additional prints can be ordered as well, in a variety of sizes.

Doug Garrison website