Andrey Remnev – Tomorrow will be wind

Andrey Remnev birth place is Yakhroma town, in the vicinity of Moscow. It is situated on high hills, from where broad Bruegelian vistas are open.The uneven terrain with significant differences of high and low; a canal between the Moskva river and the Volga; small rivers, woods and villages; a nearby ancient town of Dmitrov, which is equal to Moscow in age; ships cruising the canal and trains outdistancing them – he saw all this from his window since his early years. For him that view embraced all the diversity of the world. This is why he say that the impressions of his childhood and youth – beautiful nature and remarkable people – are the most important ones.

In the museum of Moscow’s St. Andronic Monastery he copied the best examples of the old Russian painting of the 15th-17th centuries. His own style evolved from the ancient icon painting, Russian art of the 18th century, the compositional innovations of the World of Art group and Russian Constructivism.

As painters of the past, he use natural pigments bound with egg yolk.

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