Federica Galli – i wish

Federica Galli was a prominent figure in the art of engraving in Italy. She passed away on the 6th February 2009 and entrusted her artistic legacy to a Foundation bearing her name. This Foundation was set up on the 17th July 2010 in Milan and it pursues the objective of safeguarding the name and work

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Philippe Caza – Psychedelic

Caza, the pseudonym of Philippe Cazaumayou (born November 14, 1941), is a French comics artist.

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U.S. patents covering time keeping mechanisms

“An inventor fails 999 times, and if he succeeds once, he’s in. He treats his failures simply as practice shots. It doesn’t matter if you try and try and try again, and fail. It does matter if you try and fail, and fail to try again.” Charles Kettering

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Andrey Remnev – Tomorrow will be wind

Andrey Remnev birth place is Yakhroma town, in the vicinity of Moscow. It is situated on high hills, from where broad Bruegelian vistas are open.

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Leo Buscaglia – Love is Life

Love might be one of the most quintessential capacities of the human condition. And yet, for all ourpoetic contemplation, psycho-scientific dissection, andanthropological exploration of it, we greatly underestimate the extent to which this baseline capacity — much like those for language, motion, and creativity — is a dynamic ability to be mastered and cultivated rather

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Vivian Maier – Finding

It is so inspiring to see that someone have found a way to say his story, to show his world. Vivian Dorothy Maier (February 1, 1926 – April 21, 2009) was an American street photographer. Maier worked for about forty years as a nanny, mostly in Chicago’s North Shore, pursuing photography during her spare time.

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FRANK BUCHWALD – Let there be light


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KILIAN ENG – The Inspired Future

Kilian Eng is an artist from Stockholm, Sweden. He creates his own environment and his amazing retro futuristic illustrations are just marvelous. Kilian Eng Website

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Harry Clarke – too full of imagination

Harry Clarke (17 March 1889 – 6 January 1931) was an Irish stained-glass artist and book illustrator. Born in Dublin, he was a leading figure in the Irish Arts and Crafts Movement.

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Kōichi Satō – Posters

The boundary between the past and the future, or the divide between traditional and revolutionary can be found in many forms of Koichi Sato’s work.

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Josef Svoboda – Light and Shadows

Josef Svoboda (May 10, 1920 – April 8, 2002) was a Czech artist and scenic designer. 

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Daniel Simon – Cosmic Motors

Daniel Simon (born 1975) is a German concept designer and automotive futurist. He is best known for his vehicle designs in movies like Tron: Legacy and Oblivion, and his book Cosmic Motors.

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Noell S. Oszvald – Thoughts

Noell S. Oszvald website

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The 3D Revolution – Z manifesto

Since the 20th century, the screen has imposed an “analogous to paper” way of thinking, which is flat and restricted to the limits of a rectangle. The way we conceived information, media and especially web interfaces, has also remained flat, restricted and sometimes frozen.

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Grant Haffner- Endless Freedom of the Open Road

Born in 1978, Grant Haffner has been a resident of Long Island’s East End for most of his life. His images are inspired by and reflect the country roads, flat landscapes and surrounding water that he takes in as he travels the area in his pickup truck. His signature motif of utility poles with power

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Géza Lóczi – Recall

Géza Lóczi is a Hungarian American car designer, Director of Design at Volvo Monitoring Concept Center (VMCC in Camarillo, California). He started drawing cars at the age of nine.

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Georg von Welling – The Magic and Myth of Alchemy

Georg von Welling (1652–1727) was a Bavarian alchemical and theosophical writer, known for his 1719 work – Opus mago-cabalisticum et theologicum : vom Uhrsprung und Erzeugung des Saltzes, dessen Natur und Eigenschafft, wie auch dessen Nutz und Gebrauch …” (1719), published under the pseudonym Gregorius Anglus Sallwigt. By profession he worked in the mining industry, becoming Director

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Journey – relentlessly beautiful

Journey is an indie video game developed by Thatgamecompany for the PlayStation 3. It was released on March 13, 2012, via the PlayStation Network.

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Eric G. Wilson – Generative Melancholy

Against Happiness: In Praise of Melancholy is a nonfiction book by Eric G. Wilson that examines the benefits of being sad.

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Ash Thorp – user interface

Ash Thorp is a graphic designer, illustrator, artist, and creative director for a multitude of media, including feature films, commercial enterprises, and print.

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