Eadweard Muybridge – Locomotions

Eadweard Muybridge (9 April 1830 – 8 May 1904, born Edward James Muggeridge) was an English photographer important for his pioneering work in photographic studies of motion, and early work in motion-picture projection. He adopted the name Eadweard Muybridge, believing it to be the original Anglo-Saxon form of his name. At age 20, he immigrated to

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Asa Smith’s Illustrated Astronomy – Eclipses

Smith’s illustrated astronomy, designed for the use of the public or common schools in the United States. Illustrated with numerous original diagrams. By Asa Smith, Principal of Public School No. 12, City of New York. Fifth edition. New York: Cady & Burgess, 60 John Street. 1850. Smith’s Illustrated astronomy

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Katsuhiro Otomo – Akira

Katsuhiro Otomo ( born April 14, 1954) is a Japanese manga artist, screenwriter and film director. He is best known as the creator of the manga Akira and its animated film adaptation.

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Peter Milton – Safe distance

Peter Milton is a major force in the printmaking world. Using etching and engraving techniques, Milton often spends a year or more to create his large and complex images. At Yale University under Josef Albers, Milton developed a concern less for the surface appearance of objects, but rather for the explication of their underlying, substantive

Contemporary art ⋅ April 19, 2015

Dan Mcpharlin – Land of the Sleeping Things

Future past or past future Beneath their floating space galleons, men shelter from sickening skies and exploding suns. They dare not breathe the air nor touch the soil. Instead they view these desolate vistas through apertures in their visors and helmets. There are secrets in these strange places, but none they will ever fully understand.

Art for music ⋅ April 6, 2015

Charles Sheeler – Structures

Charles Sheeler (July 16, 1883 – May 7, 1965) was an American painter and commercial photographer. He is recognized as one of the founders of American modernism and one of the master photographers of the 20th century.

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Ray Morimura – Unnatural Perspectives

Morimura was born in Tokyo. He graduated from Tokyo Gakugei University. He began his career as a painter using abstract, geometric forms. Later he turned to woodblock printmaking. The use of geometric forms can still be found in the artist’s print designs. A typical edition size for Ray Morimura prints is 60. Ray Morimura currently works as an

Artists ⋅ March 11, 2015

Sarah Moon – I See You

But then something changes! Maybe, she says, I’m at the right place at the right time. Or maybe it’s because she starts to believe in it. But for a split second she sees a sparkle of beauty passing by and then everything goes so quickly within that stillness and she’s carried away…

Photography ⋅ March 3, 2015

Joanie Lemercier – A question of perception

Joanie Lemercier is a French visual artist based in Bristol (UK) who created and run the visual label AntiVJ until 2013. Clearly stepping away from standard setups and techniques, Lemercier presents unique light performances and installations that challenge the audience by creating optical illusions that question one’s perception of space.

Artists ⋅ March 2, 2015

Brad Kunkle – Asleep

Brad Kunkle website

Artists ⋅ February 18, 2015

Samuel Gomez – Dystopian Future

Gomez’s style embodies a ‘hybrid surreal-steampunk’ aesthetic marked by an extensive usage of universal semiotics and contemporary allegories to science, socioeconomic, sustainability issues, but more importantly_‘The Future of Automation’ and where it might be taking us. Gomez drafts his narratives into worlds made of highly elaborated machine-like entanglements, where all events and outcomes are intricately

Artists ⋅ February 13, 2015

Sparth (Nicolas Bouvier) – Concept art

Sparth (Nicolas Bouvier) has been an active artistic director and concept designer in the gaming industry since 1996. Born in France, he now lives in Seattle, Washington, working for Microsoft.

Digital art ⋅ February 10, 2015

Movie Revolver – EGO

The greatest con that [the ego] ever pulled was making you believe that he is you. Guy Ritchie was, during the time of conceiving and executing the film, interested in Kabbalah. The film itself is laced with references to Kabbalistic ideas, symbols and numerological references.

Movies ⋅ February 1, 2015

Tim White – The Other Side of the Sky

Tim White (born 4 April 1952 in Erith, Kent) is a British painter, best known for his science fiction and fantasy book covers, record covers and magazine illustrations.

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Levi van Veluw – The Collapse of Cohesion

Levi van Veluw was born in the Dutch town of Hoevelaken in 1985 and studied at the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem.

Artists ⋅ January 19, 2015

Jean Giraud – The Time Masters

Jean Henri Gaston Giraud (8 May 1938 – 10 March 2012) was a French artist, cartoonist, and writer, who worked in the Franco-Belgian bandes dessinées tradition. Giraud earned worldwide fame, predominantly under the pseudonym Mœbius, and to a lesser extent Gir, which he used for the Blueberry series and his paintings.

Illustration ⋅ January 17, 2015
Artists ⋅ January 17, 2015

Henri Le Sidaner – Addicted to Life

Henri Eugène Augustin Le Sidaner (7 August 1862 – July 1939) was an intimist painter. Sidaner was born to a French family in Port Louis, Mauritius. In 1870 he and his family settled in Dunkirk. Le Sidaner received most of his tutelage from the École des Beaux-Arts under the instruction of Alexandre Cabanel but later broke

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